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Sometimes I post very frequently, other times I don’t post for a long time.  The blog is still alive either way.  

I started this blog at the same time as starting a PhD at the University of Sussex researching ways in which scientists use tablet computers.  I’m interested in digital culture, and my research investigates the intersection of science, technology and society.  I’m fascinated by the way that scientific discourses can have an impact on everyday uses of new media technologies.  And, in turn, how our everyday ideas about new media technologies are translated into specific laboratory contexts.

I treat this blog as an informal way to share my thoughts about digital technology in everyday life more generally, not my academic position on the issues discussed.  Any comments on what I write are always welcome.

In the course of my research, I spend a fair amount of time in science labs or talking about science, so I sometimes need to remind myself that this is not a science project.

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