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Naughty Internet Liars

February 22, 2012

EU court to rule on Acta legality

‘Misinformation and rumour’

Mr De Gucht told a news conference on Wednesday: “Let me be very clear: I share people’s concern for these fundamental freedoms… especially over the freedom of the internet.

“This debate must be based upon facts, and not upon the misinformation and rumour that has dominated social media sites and blogs in recent weeks.”

It’s good to know where all the lies and misinformation are located – on the Internet.  Phew, lucky they found out that the internet is full of liars and scoundrels. Now we can all happily discredit any information or opinion found or expressed on the net.

If you are a supporter of freedom of expression on the internet, then you are more likely to express your opinion on the internet. Oh ho, you thought you’d pulled the wool over our eyes there didn’t you! Naughty little internet user. No, we’re going to listen to the facts thank you very much. And by ‘facts’ we obviously mean things not supported by internet users. Because thing supported by internet users aren’t facts are they! Because the internet only has lies on it. You cheeky monkeys.

Look, I’ve turned my computer into a fact machine:


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